#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [37] | 11/02/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela

Venezuelan caricatures
37 edo 2 37 weil
@Edoilustrado                                                                        @WEIL_caricatura

– Rights Group Criticizes Election of UAE, Venezuela and Kyrgyzstan to U.N. Human Rights Council
by Lucy Westcott | @Newsweek #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan Prosecutor Says Opposition Leader’s Trial Was a Farce
by William Neuman and Patricia Torres | @nytimes 

– Prosecutor flees Venezuela, claims pressured into ‘false’ case against Lopez
by @SilvanaCNBC  | @CNBC #VzlaOnTheRadar 

 – Case against Venezuelan opposition leader fabricated, ex-prosecutor says
by Ray Sanchez | @CNN #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Exiled prosecutor urges U.S. to place sanctions against Venezuela| @cbsnews #VzlaOnTheRadar 

CNNEE – Prosecutor Interview (in Spanish) 

– Report: Venezuela One Of Hardest Countries for Doing Business
| @nbcnews #VzlaOnTheRadar  

World Bank Report “Doing Business 2016”  @WorldBank

– Venezuela in worst recession in over 70 years | @fastFT #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Says He Will Sue U.S. Kejal Vyas | @WSJ  #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– AP Exclusive: Drug extradition may shed light on Venezuela
by Joshua Goodman | @washingtonpost #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– The Nightmare Of Grocery Shopping In Venezuela
by John Otis 
| @NPR #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Gulf Countries Oppose Venezuela’s Oil-Price Summit Proposal
by Summer Said and Benoit Faucon | @WSJ #VzlaOnTheRadar 

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