#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [43] | 12/07/15

All eyes in Venezuela, thanks to God. Here some links with news around the elections yesterday


by @RaymaCaricatura

– Venezuela election: Opposition ‘wins two-thirds majority’
| @BBCworld #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela Opposition Won Majority of National Assembly Seats http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-07/venezuela-opposition-wins-majority-of-congress-as-count-goes-on
by Andrew Rosati & Noris Soto | @business #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela’s opposition party wins parliament in a blow to Maduro
by Brian Walker / Tiffany Ap | @CNN #VzlaOnTheRadar

– 17 years after socialist revolution, power shifts in Venezuela
| @CBS #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– The Marriage Between Venezuela and ‘Chavismo’ Failed 

– Venezuela Elects First Transgender Congresswoman in South America 
@outmagazine #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Triumphant Venezuela opposition looks to boost economy, free prisoners
by Andrew Cawthorne & Eyanir Chinea | @Reuters #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela vote: Game-changer or policy paralysis?
by @HollyEllyatt |  @CNBC #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela elections: Will election results mark a turning point?http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica/venezuela/12037213/Venezuela-elections-Will-election-results-mark-a-turning-point.html
by Gabriel Leon | @Telegraph #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela election: Maduro’s Socialists trounced
| @BBCworld #VzlaOnTheRadar   

– Venezuela: What will change after the opposition win? 
| @BBCworld #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela Celebrates After the Defeat of ‘Chavismo’
by @ioangrillo | @TIMEWorld #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela elections: Turning point for world’s worst economy?
by @Pat_Gillespie | @CNNMoney #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ Dies Again 
by @BRICBreaker | @Forbes #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Opinion: MUD win in Venezuela is a signal of hope 
| @dwnews  #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Latin America’s Shift Away From Leftist Rule Continues With Venezuela’s Historic Elections 
by @photobomba | @slate #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Raul Castro to Venezuela’s Maduro after defeat: We will always be with you

– The Latest: Nicaragua sends supportive note to Venezuela

| @WashingtonPost #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Argentina’s Macri backtracks on ousting Venezuela from Mercosur
| @YahooNews #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan Legislative Elections: Press Statement, John Kerry Secretary of State

#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [40] | 11/17/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela


by @Edoilustrado
by @WeilCaricaturas

– First Venezuela Lost the Concorde, Now It’s Losing to Bolivia 
by @billfaries | @business #VzlaOnTheRadar   

– Venezuela’s Maduro Won’t Give Up Power  
by Mary Anastasia O’Grady | @WSJ #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Drug charges for Venezuelan leader’s relatives in forefront as election starts
| @guardian #VzlaOnTheRadar  
Continúa leyendo #VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [40] | 11/17/15

#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [37] | 11/02/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela

Venezuelan caricatures
37 edo 2 37 weil
@Edoilustrado                                                                        @WEIL_caricatura

– Rights Group Criticizes Election of UAE, Venezuela and Kyrgyzstan to U.N. Human Rights Council 
by Lucy Westcott | @Newsweek #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan Prosecutor Says Opposition Leader’s Trial Was a Farce
by William Neuman and Patricia Torres | @nytimes 

– Prosecutor flees Venezuela, claims pressured into ‘false’ case against Lopez
by @SilvanaCNBC  | @CNBC #VzlaOnTheRadar 

 – Case against Venezuelan opposition leader fabricated, ex-prosecutor says
by Ray Sanchez | @CNN #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Exiled prosecutor urges U.S. to place sanctions against Venezuelahttp://www.cbsnews.com/news/exiled-prosecutor-urges-u-s-to-place-sanctions-against-venezuelan-officials/| @cbsnews #VzlaOnTheRadar 

CNNEE – Prosecutor Interview (in Spanish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlB_ENvJtTc 

– Report: Venezuela One Of Hardest Countries for Doing Business
| @nbcnews #VzlaOnTheRadar  

World Bank Report “Doing Business 2016” 
http://www.doingbusiness.org/~/media/GIAWB/Doing%20Business/Documents/Annual-Reports/English/DB16-Full-Report.pdf  @WorldBank

– Venezuela in worst recession in over 70 yearshttp://www.ft.com/fastft/418031/venezuela-midst-of-worst-recession-over-70-years | @fastFT #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Says He Will Sue U.S. http://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuelan-president-nicolas-maduro-says-he-will-sue-u-s-144616494by Kejal Vyas | @WSJ  #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– AP Exclusive: Drug extradition may shed light on Venezuela 
by Joshua Goodman | @washingtonpost #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– The Nightmare Of Grocery Shopping In Venezuela
by John Otis 
| @NPR #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Gulf Countries Oppose Venezuela’s Oil-Price Summit Proposal
by Summer Said and Benoit Faucon | @WSJ #VzlaOnTheRadar 

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#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [34] | 10/09/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela


– Venezuela’s Censorship Goes from Bad to Worse http://panampost.com/sabrina-martin/2015/10/07/venezuelas-censorship-goes-from-bad-to-worse/ by @SabrinaMartinR | @PanAmPost #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela opposition denounces ‘anti-democratic regime’ after leader’s prison sentence http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/11/venezuela-opposition-leader-leopoldo-lopez-prison-sentence-outrage-worldwide  @guardian

– Leopoldo Lopez: Venezuela opposition leader jailed for his ‘art of words’ while leader of protest movement http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/leopoldo-lopez-venezuela-opposition-leader-jailed-for-his-art-of-words-while-leader-of-protest-a6686906.html by Raquel Leon | @Independent #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Even in Jail, I Will Fight for a Free Venezuela http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/25/opinion/even-in-jail-i-will-fight-for-a-free-venezuela.html?_r=0 by @LeopoldoLopez @NYTimes #VzlaOnTheRadar

–  Venezuela Worst in World as IMF Forecasts 10% Contraction http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-06/venezuela-worst-in-world-as-imf-forecasts-economy-to-shrink-10- by @nmcrooks | @business #VzlaOnTheRadar

Forget Greece, Venezuela is world’s worst economy http://www.ft.com/fastft/403141/venezuela-contract-10-this-year-worst-world-imf @fastFT #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Socialists’ Grip on Power in Venezuela May Be Too Strong to Dislodge
http://time.com/4061641/socialists-venezuela-maduro/ by @JohnOtis | @TIMEWorld #VzlaOnTheRadar

– OPEC, non-OPEC states meeting set for Oct 21: Venezuela https://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/World/2015/Oct-09/318281-opec-non-opec-states-meeting-set-for-oct-21-venezuela.ashx | @DailyStarLeb #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Pepsi has a Venezuela problem: $1.4 billion http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/06/investing/pepsi-hit-hard-in-venezuela/ by @Pat_Gillespie | @CNNMoneyInvest #VzlaOnTheRadar

– U.S. Charges Top Former Venezuelan Officials With Drug Trafficking http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-charges-top-former-venezuelan-officials-with-drug-trafficking-1443828347 by @Jose_deCordoba @WSJ #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela hits back at U.S. for questioning its democracy http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/06/us-venezuela-usa-idUSKCN0S008M20151006 @reuters #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Top Venezuela official slams US hostility after airport stop http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/10/04/top-venezuela-official-slams-us-hostility-after-airport-stop/ | @FoxNews #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– After deporting 1,400 Colombians, Venezuela pledges to take 20,000 Syrian refugees http://qz.com/497494/after-deporting-1400-colombians-venezuela-pledges-to-take-20000-syrian-refugees/ by @jakeflanagin | @qz #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Mounting Extortion Plagues Shopkeepers in Violent Venezuela http://www.voanews.com/content/mounting-extortion-plagues-shopkeepers-in-violent-venezuela/2995356.html | @VOANews #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Grenade attacks are targeting police officers in Venezuela http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/opinion/2015/10/06/hand-grenades-increasingly-used-in-venezuela-to-target-police-force/ @foxnewslatino #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela Police Indictments More Tactical Than Political http://www.insightcrime.org/news-analysis/us-charges-fmr-venezuela-police-drug-trafficking by David Gagne | @insightcrime #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Has Venezuelan President Maduro Gone Insane? http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/27/has-venezuelan-president-maduro-gone-insane.html by Jeremy Kryt | @thedailybeast #VzlaOnTheRadar

Venezuelan caricatures

34 caricatura weil2

34 caricatura@WEIL_caricatura

34 caricatura2


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#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [27] | 08/19/15


– Venezuela: Daniel Ceballos under house arrest | @BBCWorld 

– If Venezuela Implodes, Will Its Neighbors Be Ready? | @BV
– Venezuela’s currency s worth less than a napkin by @Pat_Gillespie | @CNNMoney
– Critics under threat in Venezuela’s ‘accelerating deterioration’ | @DemDigest
– Beer shortages loom in Venezuela as troops occupy Caracas warehouse | @guardian 
– Infestation of opossums kills 17 babies in Venezuelan birth ward by @francesmartel | @BreitbartNews

– 8 Venezuelan cops arrested for killing 4 suspects | @Foxnewslatino
– Cuban doctors fleeing Venezuela find themselves in limbo by @jimwyss | @MiamiHerald
– American lawyer slain, companion wounded in Caracas home by @hannahdreier | @UsaToday 
– Venezuela, Russia Continue Military Cooperation As Caracas Copies Tank Biathlon Course From International Army Games by @TBarrabi | @ibtimes
– Exxon’s $40 Billion Oil Discovery Sparks a Nasty Feud by @andrewrosati | @business 

Good to know

27 vigasOswaldo Vigas: The Venezuelan Painter Whom History Should Remember

 by @annbinlot | @forbeslife 

Venezuelan Caricatures





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