#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [38] | 11/09/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela


The architectural patterns of Caracas – in pictures
by @JavoLDG | @guardian #VzlaOnTheRadar  


By @BozzoneComics

By @Edoilustrado 

– In Venezuela, 140 Characters Can Land You in Jail
by @OdeLopez  | @globalvoices #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuelan NGO Takes Aim at Identity Fraud in Upcoming Election
by @SabrinaMartinR | @PanAmPost #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela’s Currency Crisis Is Forcing Students Abroad Into Desperate Situations
by @anima_tk | @vicenews #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Venezuela raids IMF account (again)  
| @fastFT #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela alleges US spy plane violated its airspace
| @BBCWorld #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– A Large McDonald’s Fries Will Cost You This Much in Venezuela
by @sochews | @@FortuneMagazine #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Outrage: UN rights council grants Maduro special forum ahead of Venezuela election
 | @canadafreepress #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela’s leader will risk his moustache in the name of socialism 
by @NickMiroff |  @washingtonpost #VzlaOnTheRadar  

Summary by Anabel Navarro Camero @Thamarana. If you  would like to include another email to our list serv, please respond directly to thamarana@gmail.com. Please share to keep informed on Venezuela. 

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