#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [42] | 12/02/15

On Venezuelan parliamentary elections of December 6:

– Venezuela’s electoral system is being unfairly maligned
by @LCarasik | @ajam #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela’s economic crisis dominates all as key vote approaches
by @IDS_SvenBerg | @MiamiHerald #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela: Change is coming
by @jorgeramosnews  | @thisisfusion #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela Elections 2015: Why Venezuelans Are Fleeing The Country
by @briannaclee  | @ibtimes #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Even in Chavez’s hometown, Venezuela ‘revolution’ ails before election
by @AlexandraUlmer | @reuters #VzlaOnTheRadar   

– Slaying of Venezuelan opposition leader has become flashpoint ahead of elections
@foxnewslatino #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela criticises US for linking activist’s murder to upcoming election
| @guardian #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Hillary Clinton says Venezuelan voters should have final say in elections
by @AndresSchipani @foxnewslatino #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Venezuela Threatens to Jail Heinz’s “Bourgeois Parasites” 
by @Geoffreytsmith | @FortuneMagazine #VzlaOnTheRadar 

– Colombian president condemns killing of Venezuelan activist
| @reuters #VzlaOnTheRadar

– Chicken for diapers: Bartering abounds in scarcity-stricken Venezuela
by @jimwyss |  @MiamiHerald #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Venezuela has bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia — yet there’s no toilet paper in stores
by @zackbeauchamp  | @voxdotcom #VzlaOnTheRadar  

– Government for ‘medicines for oil’ barter system with Venezuela
| @EconomicTimes #VzlaOnTheRadar  


by @Edoilustrado
by @Weil_caricatura 

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