#VzlaOnTheRadar VENEZUELA ON THE RADAR [28] | 08/27/15

Summary of recent publications from international media sources about Venezuela


– Venezuela is in a state of emergency — and it could stay that way into crucial elections by @chrstphr_w | @businessinsider
– Colombians leave Venezuela in droves over border crisis | @BBCBreaking 
– Venezuela and Colombia hold talks over border dispute  | @AJEnglish 
– Venezuela’s neighbours will feel its pain by @DLansberg | @FT
– These 30-Cent Bonds Are Barclays’s Top Pick in Venezuela Default by @Sebaboyd  | @business
– In Venezuela, Economists Improvise to Track Economy by @kejalvyas | @WSJ
– Bringing Venezuela’s Economic Crisis Into Focus @Stratfor 
– Photos: Venezuelans contend with food, medicine shortages, as low oil prices cripple economy | @NewsHour 
From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest  by @ckrausss and @rickgladstone | @nytimes
 Children with cancer go without chemo for weeks in Venezuela due to medicine shortage by @FranzvonBergen | @Foxnewslatino 

– Venezuelan crime wave forces American expats to hunker down by @ruedareport | @ThisIsFusion

Venezuelan caricatures







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